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BBC Hands On

Sunn Pest Audio

Bread is a staple food for millions of people around the world, especially in West and Central Asia. But the wheat, from which most bread is made, can be affected by insects known as the Sunn Pest. Even a small infestation can render a harvest worthless and ruin farmers. Now research is examining the insect’s natural weaknesses to give the farmers a chance to fight back.

BBC's Romaine Lancaster visted ICARDA recently to film their research on Sunn pest. Part of the BBC World's Earth Report (Hands On), the film is part of a series titled "Plague to Plenty." You can listen to the audio (mp3) here and download a PDF file.

Click the following for audio or text:  AUDIO (mp3) | TEXT (PDF)

Across the Fence Video - Greenhouse IPM

Across the Fence Video

VIDEO: Margaret Skinner, Michael Brownbridge, and Tom Doubleday have graciously shared their time with public television for a gardening series titled "Across the Fence". The video is now available for viewing online.Click HERE to learn more about this endeavor and watch the video online


Asian Longhorned Beetle Videos

Asian Longhorned Beetle


First Line of Defense: You can watch the USDA video now online!
[File size: 120 MB and may take a few minutes to load depending on connection speed.]


ALB in motion:
Watch a movie about ALB.
Video: Courtesy Rick Hoebeke, Department of Entomology, Cornell University

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