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The Entomology Research Laboratory represents a team of scientists committed to the development of effective biological control agents for forest, greenhouse and vegetable insect pest management.  Insect pest problems are addressed with an interdisciplinary approach, using insights drawn from a diverse group of senior scientists, the assistance of specialized technicians, and graduate students.  Emphasis is placed on practical aspects of research to solve ‘real world’ problems.  Though focused on agricultural problems of Vermont, our projects have national and international significance as well.  Through our work we attempt to develop management options that are environmentally sound, economically viable and sustainable, and encourage their implementation through extension and education. 


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2016 Mid-Atlantic Fruit & Vegetable Convention Presentations
by Margaret Skinner Click Here

2016 Tri-State Greenhouse IPM Workshop Resources
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Preventing An Aphid Apocalypse The Natural Way Presentation  Cheryl Frank Sullivan, Biological Control In Greenhouses, Success is in the Details Workshop, Sturbridge MA, January 1026

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