Water Resources (14 credits)

Water Resources - Environmental sciences majors who select the water resources focus track will study global water supply and human impacts on surface waters. For this focus track, students select at least 14 credit-hours of coursework from the courses listed below:

* indicates a course required for the focus track.
+ indicates a course with prerequisites that are not included among previously-identified courses.

(Note: Course codes/numbers link you to the official UVM Catalogue for that course's description)
Course Credits Title
NR 102 or GEOG 145 3 Water as a Natural Resource or Geography of Water
ENSC 222/NR 222 3 Pollution Ecology
GEOL 1354Geochemistry+
GEOL 235 3 Geochemistry of Natural Waters
GEOL 255 4 Geohydrology
NR 250 4 Limnology
NR 260 3 Wetlands Ecology and Management
NR 261 1 Wetlands Ecology Laboratory
NR 270 3 Toxic and Hazardous Substances in Surface Waters
NR 280 4 Stream Ecology
PSS 269 3 Soil and Water Pollution and Bioremediation
WFB 279 3 Marine Ecology

A maximum of 3 credits of ENSC 195 or 196 can apply towards the 14 credits required in this focus track:

Course Credits Title
ENSC 195 1-3 Internship
ENSC 196 1-3 Independent Research

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