Environmental Biology (16 credits)

Environmental Biology - Environmental sciences majors who select the environmental biology focus track will study ecological and molecular analysis of endangered populations, phenomena affecting biological diversity, the interrelationship of organisms and their environments, and conservation genetics. For this focus track, students select at least 16 credit-hours of coursework from the courses listed below:

* indicates a course required for the focus track.
+ indicates a course with prerequisites that are not included among previously-identified courses.

(Note: Course codes/numbers link you to the official UVM Catalogue for that course's description)
Course Credits Title
BIOL 203 3 Population Ecology+
BIOL 208 4 Morphology and Evolution of Insects+
BIOL 209 4 Field Zoology+
BIOL 225 3 Physiological Ecology+
BIOL 246 3 or 4 Ecological Parasitology+
BIOL 254 4 Population Genetics+
BIOL 264 3 Community Ecology+
BIOL 268 3 or 4 Medical Entomology+
BIOL 269 3 Plant-Animal Interactions+
BIOL 270 3 Speciation and Phylogeny+
WFB 279 3 Marine Ecology+
NR 250 or NR 280 4 Limnology or Stream Ecology+
BIOL 197/198 3 Research+
PSS 268 4 Soil Ecology+

Note: BCOR 102 is a requirement for the Environmental Biology focus track

Last modified May 28, 2015