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Environmental Sciences

Environmental Geology (14-16 credits)

Environmental Geology - Environmental sciences majors who select the environmental geology focus track will study Earth science, geomorphology, and the analysis of ground water. For this focus track, students select at least 14-16 credit-hours of coursework from the courses listed below:

+ indicates a course with prerequisites that are not included among previously-identified courses.

(Note: Course codes/numbers link you to the official UVM catalogue for that course's description)
Course Credits Title
GEOL 101 4 Field Geology+
GEOL 116 4 Glacial Geology+
GEOL 135 4 Geochemistry+
GEOL 151/GEOG 144 4 Geomorphology+
GEOL 161 4 Field Methods in Geophysics+
GEOL 233 3 Environmental Isotope Geochemistry+
GEOL 234 3 Global Biogeochemical Cycles+
GEOL 235 4+ Aqueous Geochemistry+
NR 143/GEOG 184 3 Intro to Geographic Information Systems/GIS: Concepts and Applications+
GEOG 145/NR 102 3 Geography of Water/Water as a Natural Resource+
GEOL 197/GEOL 198 1-4 Research+

Note: GEOL 055 and GEOL 110 are required for the Environmental Geology focus track

A maximum of 3 credits of ENSC 195 or 196 can apply towards the 14 credits required in this focus track

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