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Garrett BergeyHometown: Hampden, ME
ENSC College: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)

I bet you didn't know... "That I am an avid skier and used to ski race. I also was a lifeguard at a summer camp for three summers."

Favorite class: NR 288: Principles of Ecological Design, ENSC 130: Global Environmental Assessment

Favorite dining facility meal: Chicken caesar salad or pesto pasta from the University Marché
UVM research experience: "In my first ecological design course we built eco-machines that removed chemicals (chlorine, fluorine, etc.) from at least one gallon of tap water everyday. They were also relatively small and portable. This sort of thing hasn't really ever been built before and our professor, John Todd, is considering using our class's different designs in his next book.

Drawn to ENSC because ... "I have always been fascinated with the environment and I truly would like to help maintain and restore our planet."

Favorite thing about college life vs. life before UVM ... "Living in Burlington is remarkable. There is always something to do no matter what your interests are. There are great mountains to ski/ride/hike close by, there is a good music scene, and a great social scene. It has everything that I am looking for without being large enough to be intimidating."


Natalia FajardoHometown: Bogota, Colombia
ENSC College: Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, ecological design concentration

I bet you didn't know ... "That I love compost; I'm interested in alternative agriculture and I'll be doing research on compost once I graduate."

Favorite class: FOR 021: Dendrology, Exploration of NE Ecosystems

Campus hang-out: The main green (summer); the Aiken undergrad lounge (winter).

UVM research experience: The dispersal behavior of two species of grassland songbirds: Bobolink and Savannah Sparrow.

ENSC department enriched my UVM experience by ... "Since it is a major through three colleges, students interact with professors who have different perspectives and approaches to this science. This major has also provided me with internships and service-learning experiences that grant knowledge outside the classroom."

An especially great experience I had ... "The opportunity to create an assessment of the natural history of a piece of land in the Adirondacks was quite unique. This is information local government agencies and conservation groups were waiting for."

Favorite thing about college life vs. life before UVM ... Living with other people from various backgrounds and with different interests, and the dynamics of interaction between students and the greater Burlington community.


DaniaHometown: Brooklyn, NY
ENSC College: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)

I bet you didn't know... "That I play varsity lacrosse for UVM women's team, I play the violin and enjoy traveling to the Middle East."

Favorite dining facility meal: "Grilled cheese and soup. Alice's and the Marche have a little bit of everything."

Favorite class: ENSC 101: Movement of Pollution through Air, Water and Soil; BCOR 102: Ecology of Evolution.

Drawn to ENSC because ... "I decided on a science-focused track in high school and took a variety of classes in the sciences, including environmental science. I found environmental science to be appealing for its ability to integrate a variety of scientific disciplines and also involve the community; it's extremely relevant to many people."

ENSC department enriched my UVM experience by ... "Despite the fact that I play sports, the outdoors was very foreign to me. I grew up in what people in Vermont kindly refer to as the concrete jungle. Prior to outdoor labs and fieldwork, I had never had the chance to test soil or collect samples from streams. The program offers students the chance to be outside, which would not happen if the setting were more urban."


Kate RileyHometown: Rochester, NY
ENSC College: CALS, agriculture and the environment concentration

I bet you didn't know ..."That I want to be a cowgirl when I grow up."

Favorite dining facility meal: "Sweet potatoes at Simpson Dining Hall on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, hot apple cider and cider doughnuts during apple week."

Favorite thing about college life vs. life before UVM ... "Living with my friends in a big, brand new dorm. Also, shopping for myself."

Drawn to ENSC because ... "I wanted to study biology and other life sciences with the intention of helping to improve sustainability in developing countries."

An especially great experience I had ... "During my ENSC class, I was inspired by John Todd, a UVM professor, who presented his innovative living machine models to the class. His ideas incorporated environmental restoration with sustainability and entrepreneurship. I look forward to taking classes from him in the future."


Hometown: Burlington, VT
ENSC College: The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, environmental analysis and assessment concentration

I bet you didn't know... "I'm originally from Nepal."

UVM research experience: Chemical analysis of leachate macronutrients from experimental mesocosms using ICP-AES.

Favorite class: Chemistry

ENSC department enriched my UVM experience by ... "The research experience has given me an opportunity to work in the lab and get hands-on experience rather than just in-class. it has further enriched my ability to apply textbook knowledge to problem solving technique. Approaching faculty at the RSENR has never been a problem for me and the staff has been wonderful."

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