Buckham Overseas Study Program


BOSP Student Handbook Check out the BOSP handbook written by a past participant, Beryl, which explains the program and what to expect through the lens of a student.

Need more information? Please contact Professor Helen Scott, director of BOSP, at Helen.Scott@uvm.edu.



This study abroad program gives English majors the opportunity to study at the University of Kent (UKC) at Canterbury in England. To be eligible for this study abroad program you will need:

Program Details​

​Due the Friday of the second week of Spring semester.

For your application you will need to include:

After admission into BOSP, students then complete the application process for UKC, with the assistance of the Buckham advisor. A current passport is required.​


Why should you study in Canterbury, England?

Canterbury is rich in history! Settled by ancient Romans, this was the site of the first Christian settlement in England, and home to the famous medieval cathedral. Canterbury is often seen as the Birthplace of English Literature and is the famous pilgrimage site for the characters in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

The ‘Garden of England’
With a population similar to that of Burlington, Canterbury is the bustling commercial and cultural center of the region—an area known as the ‘Garden of England’—and is close to London (by train) and the European continent (by ferry or Chunnel).


University of Kent at Canterbury

The University of Kent is an excellent modern university on a campus site that overlooks the city. Most teaching is through lectures and small seminars with a superb faculty.

The English department features concentrations in both canonical and postcolonial English Literature. The University has a long-time commitment to foreign students and has maintained a relationship with UVM for almost three decades.

Choose a timeline that works for you!

UKC's academic year consists of three ten-week terms--Autumn, Spring, and Summer--and runs from late September to the end of June.

•Option I: September- December

•​Option II: January-June

•Option III: The entire academic year: Late September until the end of June.
(this option would require a visa for extended stay.)