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The English Minor at UVM requires 18 hours of course work, half of which must come from upper-level courses. It provides an opportunity to study English in ways that enrich majors in other fields. While the minor does not have concentrations, its course of study allows students to focus on the areas of greatest interest to them.

The English Department is no longer offering the World Lit courses ENGS 025 and 026 and the World Lit option will soon be removed from the English minor. If you have completed the World Lit sequence, it will still count toward your minor. If you have started the World Lit sequence, contact Valerie Rohy to discuss the other courses that can count as the second half of the sequence.


18 credit hours in English. Of those 18, a minimum of 9 credit hours at the 100-level or above and 6 credit hours from one of the following sequences:

  • ENGS 021 & 022 British Literature
  • ENGS 023 & 024 American Literature
  • ENGS 025 & 026 World Literature
  • ENGS 027 & 028 Literature of Western Tradition (IHP)
  • ENGS 085 & 086 Text and Context & Critical Approaches


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