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English Careers in the News

Curious about life after college? Check out the articles below, which illustrate the practicality, versatility, and other advantages of having an English degree.


"Six Myths About Choosing a College Major" The New York Times (2017)

"Want a Job with That English Degree?" Corrigan Literary review (2017)

"English Majors Earning More Money Now That so Few Students Want to Be English Majors" Market Watch (2016)

"Hunting for Soft Skills, Companies Scoop Up English Majors" The Wall Street Journal (2016)

"Meet the Parents Who Won't Let Their Children Study Literature" The Wall Street Journal (2016)

"We Don't Need More STEM Majors. We Need More STEM Majors with Liberal Arts Training." The Washington Post (2015)

"A Top Medical School Revamps Requirements to Lure English Majors," NPR (2015)

"2014's Top-Paying Liberal Arts Majors," The Wall Street Journal (2014)

"In Defense of the 'Impractical' English Major", Huffington Post (2014)

"The Best Argument for Studying English? The Employment Numbers," The Atlantic (2013)

"Employers and Public Favor Graduates Who Can Communicate, Survey Finds," Chronicle of Higher Education (2013)

"16 Wildly Successful People Who Majored in English," Yahoo! Finance (2013)

"Dear English Major",

"Are Writing Skills Necessary Anymore?", Washington Post (2011)


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