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Careers in English

Careers chosen by English majors are varied and diverse. Our English majors have gone on to obtain advanced degrees, not just in English, from schools such as Brandeis, Columbia, Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, Penn, Pittsburgh, Stanford, and Yale.

What have former UVM English majors done with their degrees?

Based on information from the Alumni Office, our majors have gone on to be an account executives, attorneys, assistant editors, public school teachers, advertising agents, professors of literature, actresses and actors. We count among our English majors an editor at Oxford University Press, a senior editor at Random House, a production specialist at W.W. Norton, a playwright, a researcher-reporter for TIME Magazine, a producer for CNN, a press secretary to a committee of the U.S. Senate, a professor with an endowed chair of art history at Stanford University, a reference librarian at the New York Public Library, a singer-songwriter, a production manager for Travel Weekly, a learning disabilities consultant, a graphic designer, a math teacher, and a radio personality, only to name a few.

Some statistics about English majors in the workforce

Of the 390 English major alumni who responded to a questionnaire:

  • 30% are involved with education, whether as a teacher, school librarian, guidance counselor, or administrator, from grade schools to universities, in English and other subjects as well.
  • 26% who responded are in business and finance.
  • 10% are in areas of journalism or publishing.
  • 7% are in government service.
  • 13% are in medicine and law.

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