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Careers for English Majors, spring 2017

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What skills do English majors gain?

English majors excel at written and oral communications, persuasion, creativity, critical thinking, research, and editing - skills integral to a wide range of professions.

What careers have UVM English majors pursued?

91% of English majors from the class of 2012 are either in graduate school or employed full-time.

English majors most commonly go on to be attorneys, editors, teachers and professors, marketing and advertising agents, journalists, publicists and communications experts, and specialists in grant-writing and fund-raising.

Recent alumni include a legislative correspondent at the United States Senate, a digital production specialist at W.W. Norton, an award-winning fashion journalist, a development coordinator for a major charitable organization, a producer at Yahoo! Entertainment, an attorney, an editor at Carnegie Hall, a manager at the Vermont Agency of Human Services, a business development executive at Apple, and a sports editor at a Vermont newspaper.

Where do English majors go to graduate school?

UVM English majors have gone to obtain advanced degrees in English and other fields from such schools such as Brandeis, Columbia, the University of Virginia, Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, Penn, Rice, Tufts, Pittsburgh, Stanford, and Yale.

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