University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English


Once you have declared a major in English or FTS, which can be done through the myUVM portal, the department assigns you an advisor. You can also see who your advisor is through the portal, as your advisor might change due to sabbatical and leaves for a given year or semester.

You should make a point of seeing your advisor as soon as possible, as he or she can be quite useful during your undergraduate career.

First-semester first-year students must meet with their advisor before they can register.

What does an advisor do?

  • Directs you in making sure you meet requirements for the major and graduation
  • Advises you in designing independent study projects (Readings and Research)
  • Helps you choose courses which support your career plans
  • Assists you with academic issues and refers you to other campus offices and/or individuals who might provide further guidance, if needed
  • Assists you in formulating and implementing a 4-year plan
  • Directs you toward relevant career information for English majors

It is important to keep in touch with your advisor and confer with him or her regarding your academic plans.

To complete your degree you will need to meet the College degree requirements as well as the department requirements. You can also access the specific College of Arts and Sciences Degree Distribution Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts for the current year in PDF format.

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