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Department of English


New Minor in Writing

Old Mill and Williams Hall

Need more information? Contact Professor Helen Scott, Director of Undergraduate Advising.

Requires eighteen credits including:

Six credits in two of the following courses:

  • ENGS 050 Expository Writing
  • ENGS 051Topics in Composition
  • ENGS 053 Intro to Creative Writing*

At least six credits in the following courses:

  • ENGS 104 Tutoring Writing
  • ENGS 105 Exploring Writing Centers
  • ENGS 107 Topics in Comp & Rhetoric
  • ENGS 108 Advanced Composition Workshop
  • ENGS 114 Topics in Writing
  • ENGS 117 Advanced Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGS 118 Advanced Writing: Fiction
  • ENGS 119 Advanced Writing: Poetry
  • ENGS 120 Writer’s Workshop
  • ENGS 211-212 Senior Seminar
  • FTS 144-145 Screenwriting


At least three additional hours in ENGS courses numbered at or above ENGS 005 or in FTS 144-FTS 145.

Advanced creative writing workshops in nonfiction (117), fiction (118), and poetry (119) may be repeated once for credit. Topics courses (108, 114) may only be repeated with different content.

The Minor in Writing cannot be paired with a major in English

*Must be taken by students wishing to pursue advanced poetry and fiction writing.


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