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Senior Thesis Titles

Senior Thesis Titles


2016 Honors Theses by English and FTS Students


Zackary Adams, "Performance and Imitation in Direct Cinema." Advisor: Deb Ellis

Ethan Childs, "Writing Fantasy." Advisors: Valerie Rohy and James Williamson

Aidan Dolbashian, "Blowing My Lines." Advisor: Major Jackson

Lydia Horne, "A Peculiar Approach to Death: The Work of Edward Gorey." Advisors: Sarah E. Turner and Anthony Grudin (Art and Art History)

Grady Kennison, "And the Tide Was Way Out." Advisor: R. Thomas Simone

Michael Reinertz, "The Salvation of Virtuous Pagans in Dante and Langland." Advisor: Jennifer Sisk

Cleo Rohn, "Dissolution." Advisor: Major Jackson

Alana Smith, "Queering Time and Space: Mediated Desire in The Golden Bowl and Mrs. Dalloway." Advisor: Daniel Fogel


2015 Honors Theses by English and FTS Students


Brendan Anderson, "Female Agency in the Age of Chivalry: Charting a Tradition of Mutual Chivalry in Chrétien de Troyes." Advisor: Jennifer Sisk

Mariel Golden, "Exploring Feminist Theory through Narrative. "Advisors: Patrick Neal (Political Science) and Nancy Welch

Alexandria Hall, "Northeasterners: Poems on Language & Place. "Advisor: Major Jackson

Devin Karambelas, "The Authoritative Gaze: Foucault, Surveillance, and the Paranoia Films of the 1970s." Advisors: Thomas Simone, Ph.D., Patrick Hutton (History) and David Jenemann

Delainey LaHood-Burns, "Narrative Spaces, Animal Bodies, and Affective Performative Disruptions in Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses." Advisor: Mary Louise Kete

Kerry Martin, "Comparative Representations of Vermont’s Migrant Latino Farmworkers. "Advisor: Hilary Neroni

Victoria Mooney, "Attraction, Impulse, and Drive: A Creative Exploration of Humanity's Dark Side." Advisor: Eric Lindstrom

Gregory Royce, "World's Finest: Optimism and Pessimism in the Cinematic Portrayals of Superman and Batman, 1943-2013." Advisor: David Jenemann

Amber Schneider, "The Twilight Art: Flanerie and Its Modern-Day Connections to Vivian Maier and Diane Arbus." Advisor: Anthony Magistrale

Kathryn Warrender, "The Self and the Writer: Expressive Writing in the Classroom to Promote Mental Health and Writing." Advisor: Eric Lindstrom

Hazel Wright, "Louisa May Alcott's Optic Gaze." Advisor: Mary Louise Kete


2014 Honors Theses by English and FTS Students


Charles Tanner Bowden, "Queen City Stories." Advisor: Gregory Bottoms

Kiah Coble, "Topophilia in Provincetown." Advisor: John Gennari

Laura Davenport, "Knights & Neighves: An Animated Adventure." Advisor: Sarah Nilsen

Madeline Delaney, "Late I Find You Buried: Where Intimacy, Apostrophe, and the Abstracted Muse Intersect." Advisor: Emily Bernard

Stefanie Doucette, "Writing with Vévés: Haitian Vodou and History in the Works of Edwidge Danticat." Advisor: Helen Scott

Michael Eaton, "Small Town Sense of Place: The Search to Find Meaning in a Rural Setting." Advisor: Tom Simone

Bronwen Hudson, "Poetry as a Complex System." Advisor: Andrew Barnaby

Ian Martel, "The Dust, a Novel." Advisor: Kevin Moffett

Blair Oesterle, "The Portrayal and Performance of Nerds in Contemporary Literature." Advisor: Emily Bernard

Jessica Slayton, "Ekphrasis in the Modernist Aesthetic: Virginia Woolf's Use of Painting in To the Lighthouse and Its Effect on Linguistic Expression." Advisor: Tom Simone

Ian Straus, "Incongruity Theory and the Explanatory Limits of Reason." Advisors: Tyler Doggett (Philosophy)and Todd McGowan

Holly Trantham, "American Regionalism in a Televised Context: Parks and Recreation Revises a Genre." Advisor: Valerie Rohy

Anna Weber, "The Cost of Survival: My Grandfather's Capture and Imprisonment in Occupied France and Poland." Advisor: Gregory Bottoms



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