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English Courses by Category for Fall 2017 (Old Major)

English majors following the old major requirements are required to take at least one course at or above the 100 level from each of the below categories as part of the completion of their major requirements. Category A includes the study of the English Language, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, critical theory, and cultural studies. Category B includes study in ancient, medieval, 16th or 17th-century literary traditions. Category C includes study in 18th or 19th-century literary traditions. Category D includes study in 20th or 21st-century literary traditions.


Category A Category B Category C Category D

ENGS 104 Tutoring Writing

ENGS 141 Restoration & 18th Century Literature

ENGS 141 Restoration & 18th Century Literature

ENGS 161 20th Century British Novel

ENGS 112 Black Identities

ENGS 221 Doubt and Knowledge

ENGS 144 Romanticism: Writing the Self

ENGS 163A Race & Representation in American Literature & Culture

ENGS 114 Writing Magic Realism


ENGS 156A Edgar Allen Poe

ENGS 163B D1: Jazz & Cultural Imagina

ENGS 117 Advanced Creative Non-Fiction


ENGS 156B 19th Century Literary Cultures

ENGS 163C The American Poem

ENGS 118 Advanced Writing: Fiction



ENGS 177 D1: African American Women Writers

ENGS 211 Protest & Persuasion



ENGS 195 The Literary Cannibal




ENGS 281 Works of Edwidge Danticat



























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