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Andrew Barnaby

Andrew Barnaby

Associate Professor
  • Ph.D. Princeton, 1989
  • C.V. (PDF)
Area of expertise

English Renaissance literature and cultural history; European Epic Tradition, the Bible, the History of Science, and literary theory

Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-4151

Office: 420 Old Mill

Spring 2018 Office Hours: T 10:00 - 11:30, TH 1:00 - 2:30, and by appointment

Courses taught: The London Stage, Shakespeare, TAP: Reading the Gospels, Shakespeare: Production Workshop, The Bible as Literature, Paradise Lost and Judeo-Christian Tradition, HCOL: Modes of Inquiry, Milton, Shakespeare and Tragedy, Literary London: Novels & Plays in London, Reading the Bible: Literary and Historical Perspectives, Crime/Story, TAP: Crime/Story, Survey of Literary Theory & Criticism, Critical Approaches to Literature, TAP: Imagining Shakespeare, Genesis: The Novel, Narrative, The Age of Milton, Texts and Contexts, Critical Theories, Shakespearean Comedies