University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Response & Recovery Plan

One measure of an organization's strength is its ability to respond well in an emergency. Since every scenario cannot be predicted, an emergency response plan must be able to quickly adapt to events as they unfold. The University of Vermont's Emergency Response & Recovery Basic Plan is an “all hazards” plan that designates areas of responsibility and defines for the University of Vermont the framework necessary to respond to emergency situations. It is imperative that individual departments develop response plans for unique situations under their purview. The University response needs to be quick, professional, supportive, and meet the emerging demands of any incident, emergency, or crisis situation.

The plan has four major sections:

  1. Executive Authority;
  2. Situations & Assumptions, includng the Levels of Emergency Response;
  3. Concept of Operations, which defines the Phases of an Emergency; and
  4. Organization & Assignment of Responsibilities, including key Departmental and Office Roles, Emergency Operations Center, Direction, Control, and Coordination of Emergency Response, the Communications plan, Crisis Support Center, and Plan Development & Maintenance.
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UVM Emergency Management Policy (PDF)

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