University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

Hurricane Irene Response

The following is a message from A. John Bramley, interim president, sent to the UVM community Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Hurricane Irene has caused unprecedented devastation in Vermont, and, as is so often the case in our state and at our university, people want to help in whatever ways they can. UVM as an institution and as a community of individuals is committed to providing help to the people and communities of Vermont on a sustained basis as they face the difficult challenges ahead in the months to come.  

We have been in regular contact with state and federal officials, and UVM has offered to organize assistance wherever and however it is needed most as determined by them. I have been in contact with the Governor’s office, informing them that the University will do all we can in response to the most urgent needs identified by the State of Vermont. If needed, we will make available equipment, skilled and unskilled labor, other volunteers, professional expertise, and organized fund, food, and materials drives as this situation unfolds.  And we are already involved in helping the state on other ways ranging from data storage to outreach by Extension to communities. I am also certain that our many clubs, organizations, and individual community members will step up accordingly when asked to help.

More information will be forthcoming as needs shift and opportunities arise, and a website has been created to help inform our community of new developments  at The response to Irene’s aftermath is a fluid situation, and needs will change as time goes on. Although there will likely be specific work for volunteer labor and other help in the flood-ravaged areas, what is most urgently needed right now are donations of money, food, and supplies to support the relief effort. 

If individuals want to help right away, here are some options to consider:



More information will be forthcoming as Vermont’s needs are updated and clarified.  In the meantime, visit for more information.

There is much that UVM can and will do in response to this crisis, and I know that all will do their part to help as best they can.