University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

Additional Preparations for Hurricane Irene

As we continue to monitor the path and conditions of Hurricane Irene, we are reminded of the important role all members of our community can play to prepare for the storm. Forecasters continue to outline scenarios involving damaging winds that could disrupt electric power and create hazardous conditions around campus, and heavy rain that could produce flooding.

The University’s Emergency Operations Group has prepared the following recommendations for students, and for faculty and staff:

Specific Recommendations for Students:

You can help us keep everyone safe by:

  • Stocking up on water and non-perishable items
  • Having a workable flashlight with extra batteries
  • Charging your cell phone and using text messages when possible (in case power goes out)
  • Closing and securing windows at first sign of rain
  • Encouraging housemates, roommates and suitemates to stay indoors during of the storm
  • Moving your vehicle away from trees, utility poles and other structures that might topple over during a storm
  • NOT lighting candles in residence halls.
  • Reporting any emergency to 911

Specific Recommendations for Faculty and Staff:

You can help us prepare the campus for this storm by doing the following things before you leave work on Friday:

  • Closing and securing windows and storm windows (where it can be done safely)
  • Closing blinds or window shades (where appropriate)
  • Checking nearby offices that may be unoccupied
  • Backing up any departmental computer servers
  • Shutting off departmental computers, printers, copiers, etc.
  • Unplugging office computers that are not connected to a surge protector
  • Putting away items that could be damaged by water If your office or building has  experienced water infiltration issues.
  • Turning off lights and securing doors
  • Continuing to monitor e-mail and UVM website for further updates and status of university operations

We appreciate everyone’s assistance and cooperation.