University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness Helpful Hints

Campus Emergency poster Print and post this Campus Emergency poster in your work area

  • Keep your CatAlert information up to date.
  • Review the Campus Emergency poster and post a copy in your work area.
  • Carry your UVM CATcard at all times for identification and access on campus.
  • As you use your CATcard to access buildings, please do not allow unknown people to enter the building behind you.
  • During hours of darkness, walk only in lighted areas, and be aware of nearby "blue light" emergency phones.
  • Report any activity or objects out of place to UVM Police Services (911 or 656-4000)
  • For any building you use, always know two exits that don't require the use of an elevator.
  • Always evacuate if the fire alarm sounds.
  • In the event of an incident outside, stay inside the building you are in unless advised otherwise by public safety officials.
  • In the event of an incident in your building, take your UVM CATcard, purse, wallet, keys, and cell phone, then leave and go to another place of safety on campus.
  • Have a communication plan for contacting family members, and include someone who lives in another area code who can pass a message home.
  • During an emergency, stay in touch with what is happening on campus by calling the UVM Emergency Information Line (656-0000), checking the UVM homepage (, and monitoring your UVM e-mail account.

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