University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Management Planning Working Group

The Emergency Management Planning Working Group is charged with developing Emergency Management Plans for the University. The Working Group consults on key policy issues with the President’s Policy Team, as needed.

The Working Group's planning efforts cover the four facets of emergency management: (1) mitigation, (2) preparedness, (3) response, and (4) recovery. The Working Group works with individual academic and administrative units to identify the University’s critical business operations, make appropriate assumptions based on historical trends about the likely threats the University could face, evaluate these threats through well-developed scenarios, determine what impact these emergencies will have on the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors and on the University’s business continuity, and recommend appropriate measures to be taken before, during, and after an emergency to eliminate or minimize the risks and ensure that the University’s business continuity is least impacted.


  • Al Turgeon, Chief Risk Officer & Assistant to the Vice President University Relations & Administration
  • Jon Porter, Director Center for Health & Wellbeing


  • Kit Ardell, Student Financial Services
  • Bill Ballard, Associate Vice President for Administrative and Facilities Services
  • Jim Barr, Director Transportation & Parking Services
  • Ruth Blauwiekel, University Veterinarian
  • Patrick Brown, Director Student Life & Davis Center
  • Claire Burlingham, University Controller
  • Paul Campo, Custodial Services
  • Veronika Carter, Assistant Registrar for Technology
  • Sal Chiarelli, Director Physical Plant
  • Judith Cohen, Professor of Nursing
  • Enrique Corredera, Director of University Communications
  • Mary Dewey, Director of Risk Management & Safety
  • Ruth Farrell, Associate VP for Research Administration
  • Christopher Grace, Professor of Medicine - Infectious Diseases
  • Natalie Guillette,Director Procurement Services
  • Wanda Heading-Grant, Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
  • Sally Hobart, Admissions
  • Kim Howard,Director Office of International Education
  • Barbara Johnson, Associate Vice President Human Resource Services
  • Leslye Kornegay, Director Custodial Services
  • Stacey Miller, Director Residential Life
  • Sara Moran, Public Health Nurse, Burlington District Office, Vermont Department of Health
  • Julia Russell, Associate Chief Information Officer, Interim
  • Jeff Schulman, Associate Director of Athletics
  • Annie Stevens, Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Lianne Tuomey, Chief of Police Services
  • Burt Wilcke, Chair, Medical Laboratory & Radiation Sciences
  • Kristin Winer, Administrative and Facilities Services Senior Financial Manager
  • Ted Winfield, Associate VP for Budget & Resource Management
  • Melissa Zelazny, General Manager, Sodexo Food Services
  • TBD, Graduate Student Senate
  • TBD, Student Government Association

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