University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

UVM Emergency Management Plan


This Basic Plan, and its appendixes and annexes, shall apply to all property owned, leased or controlled by the University of Vermont, including events and programs occurring at off-site locations.

Although the University of Vermont is treated as a “jurisdiction” for administrative and training purposes by the Vermont Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management,it has no special statutory authority with regard to handling emergencies beyond those granted to a Police department or a Rescue squad. However, to expedite collaboration, the UVM Associate Vice President for Administrative and Facilities Services has been named a Deputy Emergency Management Director for the City of Burlington, with responsibility for the UVM Campus.

For UVM to access public resources (local, State, or Federal) in an emergency, requests for those resources will be routed through the City of Burlington, either through its Emergency Operations Center or Fire Department Chief Engineer (designated Emergency Manager). UVM may also be asked to provide a Liaison at the Burlington Emergency Operations Center for a community-wide event.

Last modified January 24 2014 04:06 PM