University of Vermont

Office of Emergency Management

Testing of Emergency Plans and Capabilities

UVM capabilities to respond to routine emergencies are tested through real life experience on a daily basis. The management of these emergencies frequently involve UVM Police, UVM Rescue and Physical Plant.

The capabilities to respond to, and manage a major crisis or catastrophic situation are discussed monthly at meetings of the Emergency Operation's Group and tested at least annually through a pre-written table-top exercise that involves members of UVM's Emergency Policy Group, UVM's Emergency Operation's Group, and representatives from selected (based upon the nature of the incident) UVM Emergency Support Functions. An "after action" discussion followed each exercise.

Table-top exercises:

Capability Tested
Coordinated response to active shooter
EOC full activation time and coordinated response to an off-campus transportation accident
Coordinated respond to a cyber-attack resulting in an extended regional power outage
Coordinated response to Severe Winter Blizzard
Coordinated response to active shooter in the Old Mill tower
Coordinated response to Central Heating Plant explosion

Functional Exercises:

Capability Tested
Coordinated response to active shooter

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