NDI Program Responsibility 1989-1998

Directed (unless otherwise noted) the following NDI international programs:

Francophone Africa - Country specific and regional civic organization development/parliamentary training/political party training/election monitoring and training projects

Algeria - NDI survey.

Bangladesh - NDI survey, local government elections observation, parliamentary elections observation (with local civic groups).

Cameroon - Multinational assessment of democratization process, training seminar on election monitoring, international election observation of presidential election.

Croatia - Pre-election assessments.

Ethiopia - Supervised a field office with primary programmatic focus of strengthening civil society organizations.

France/UK - Assisted and advised Chairman of the Democratic National Committee on bilateral meetings and participation at Liberal International meeting.

Hungary - Political party campaign training workshop (observer).

Kenya - Supervised two field offices with focus on training women political candidates and supporting civil society programs for greater governmental transparency.

Pakistan - NDI survey.

Poland - Conference on the role of parliament in economic policy formulation (observer).

Senegal - Multinational assessment of electoral code.

Slovenia - Workshops on creating effective electoral environment.

South Africa - Hosted African observers to 1994 national elections.

Togo - Principal advisor to former President Jimmy Carter, presidential election international observation mission.

Former Yugoslav Republic - NDI surveys, seminar on multi-ethnic governance and democracy.

In Washington I also had the following policy and management responsibilities: