AS 095
sections to choose from:

Three sections to choose from:



2:50 - 4:05 pm
AS 095 B / CRN: 95082
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4:25 - 5:40 pm
AS 095 C / CRN: 95083
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6:00 - 7:15 pm
AS 095 D / CRN: 95085

Do you have it all figured out, or does it just seem like everybody else does?

Whether you’re sure about the future or not, this class offers a framework, tools, and most importantly a place and a community of peers where we’ll work on these questions through assigned readings, reflections, and in-class exercises. We’ll deal with topics ranging from how to find and cultivate meaningfulness in life, to how to do professional networking, as well as:

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    career navigation
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    getting “un-stuck”

and lots more, with the aim of equipping you with the tools and resources to confidently launch into the post-college world.


What will we actually be doing in the class?

The main purpose of this class is to be a supportive setting for structured dialogue, so much of our time together will be spent in small-group discussion. Class time will be broken up so we're not doing any one thing for much more than 10-15 minutes: we will have conversations, listen to mini-lectures, watch short videos, and often engage in dynamic, on-our-feet activities.

What kinds of topics will we cover?

Since this class is essentially about YOU (and you are kind of complicated), we will cover a very wide range of topics. Some of them will include:

The main cumulative goal of all of these will be to help you feel great about where you are and where you might be next.

How much work will it be?

We will meet once a week for 75min, and you should expect an average of one to two hours of homework each week. The homework will mostly be light readings and short written reflection assignments.

How will I be graded?

This class is graded on a “Pass / No Pass” basis. Your grade will be determined by class participation and commitment, as demonstrated by attendance (which is mandatory), participation in in-class discussions and activities, and on-time completion of all homework assignments.

Why is it called “Design Your Life”?

The word “design” in the title comes from the discipline of Design Thinking, which is a human-centered methodology for solving complex, open-ended problems. Typically used to invent new products and services, it is also particularly well suited for exploring questions about the most complex and open-ended design challenge we have: our own lives.

This class is based on the Design Thinking methodology. Throughout the semester, we will be employing many techniques and mindsets that designers use, such as:

Who can take this class?

This class is open to all Juniors and Seniors at UVM, regardless of major or college/school affiliation.

Who's teaching it?

This class is taught by Eugene Korsunskiy, UVM's Coordinator of Design Initiatives. Eugene has taught the “Design Your Life” class in various forms for several years before coming to UVM, and has also driven a delivery truck across the country once. But that’s a different story.

You can email him at eugene.korsunskiy@uvm.edu.


Quotes from students who took the class:

“I am much more confident in my own decisions, and am less nervous about moving on from UVM, and feel prepared to enter into the world.”

“This class has been so important for me, and I think everyone should take it!”

“This class gave me the tools to help figure out my life, without telling me explicitly what to do or who to be.”

“I will be more open/relaxed about my life choices. And as a result of that, it will positively impact the rest of my life.”

“I feel better about graduating & letting go.”

“Hands down one of the best classes. Never, especially in the academia setting, do we have the chance to reflect and talk through life struggles or anxieties toward the future. I’m grateful for this class.”

“I’ll be more equipped to look for / build a career that is perfectly tailored to me.”

“I wish every class was taught this way. Always left the classroom feeling uplifted. Seriously—best designed course I’ve ever taken.”

“I am more confident that my future will work out.”

“I had a really extensive loss of confidence regarding the future in the beginning of the school year, and now I feel much better.”

“This was a wonderful class! Can actually make use of it in real life. I always felt very uplifted & inspired every time I left class.”

“It gave me the power to decide what I want to do, and break away from my set-in-stone career plan. I now want to find me in what I do after college, not just settle.”

“This has been one of my favorite classes at UVM. I am grateful to be graduating having learned these things, and feel it will greatly benefit me (even set me ahead) in my future life (personally & professionally).”

“Awesome class! Very helpful; comforting to spend an hour a week thinking about what we all don’t want to think about, in a comforting environment & positive instructor.”

“I’ll be much more confident about the choices that I’ll be making about my life in the near future.”

“I have more confidence in myself to enter the real world & thrive!

“This class was such a safe, happy place for me. I learned a ton about myself.”

“This reaffirmed for me that my life is very much in my control & I choose the way forward.”

“The most valuable aspect of this class that I took away and utilized was my confidence in getting in front of people and asking for help. It’s what ended up getting me employed.”

“I feel as though I may not have a job right now had it not been for this class. Though I most likely would’ve attended the job fairs & career center, I would not have had the in-class practice that proved so valuable (questions to ask, etc).”

“I will stop being so stressed about pre-determining my path.”

“This class has allowed me to think about what I really want to accomplish with my life and how I can do this while maintaining my values.”

“I took away a profound sense of calmness and clarity. I learned to accept where I am / what I am doing as well as to live in the moment. I came to utilize new ways of approaching problems and figured out how to overcome them.”

“I have been empowered to take strategic risks and to be less critical of the things/people in my life. I found new strength within myself and a keen sense of adventure.”

“I believe in myself more than I did before. With the chance to reflect on my thoughts and dreams, I’ve realized what I want with my life. I’ve actually started an internship and a volunteer position doing what I love because of what I learned in this class.”

“My mindset on how to view the world has changed. I don’t view the world as something scary anymore; rather, as a place that will help me grow if I am conscious and grateful.”

“I have the tools to brainstorm new ideas when I feel stuck, and recognize when I’m feeling that way.”

“Whenever I leave class, I’m always in such an elated, optimistic mood, that it inherently brightens my day. ”

“This class should be required for upperclassmen!”

“Eugene is great, he does a phenomenal job teaching this class. He is easily one of the best teachers I’ve had. I looked forward to coming to DYL every week!”

“Best class ever. Seriously this class was amazing.”