2011 Internship Programme

Work with us! Support our efforts in promoting inclusive growth in the South.

The IPC-IG Internship Programme offers a selected group of outstanding graduate-level students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to IPC-IG's work as a global forum for policy dialogue and South-South learning on development innovations. It is designed to provide support to IPC-IG's applied research and policy advisory services and to complement the interns' practical experience in various issues related to South-South Cooperation, international development and inclusive growth. The Programme operates under the rules and regulations of the UNDP Internship Policy.

From Agronomy to International Relations

The 2011 Programme will offer internship positions in 5 work areas, namely: Communications and Advocacy; Social Protection and Cash Transfers; Rural and Sustainable Development; Macroeconomics for Inclusive Growth; and Development Innovations. We will be selecting students from a number of different areas, such as: agronomy, development studies, economics, journalism, political science, sociology, and international cooperation.


IPC-IG is located at the heart of Brasília, capital city of Brazil. IPC-IG office is hosted by the Presidency of the Republic's Strategic Affairs Secretariat. We are offering year-round Internship opportunities.

A programme with international reputation

Students from 27 countries have already participated in our Internship Programme, representing the most renowned universities in the world, such as: Columbia University (USA), Harvard University (USA), University of Cambrigde (UK), Oxford University (UK), London School of Economics (UK), University of California (USA), Sorbonne University (France), University of Geneva (Switzerland), University of Berlin (Germany), University of Stockholm (Sweden), University of Lund (Sweden), University of Brasilia (Brazil), University of São Paulo (Brazil), State University of Campinas (Brazil), Sciences Po (France), University of Vienna (Austria), University of Cape Town (South Africa), Yale University (USA), University of Manchester (UK), University of New Delhi (India), University of Sydney (Australia).

About us

The UNDP International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) is a global forum for policy dialogue and South-South learning on development innovations. Since its establishment in Brasilia in 2004 as a result of a partnership with the Government of Brazil, IPC-IG has been consolidating its position as the leading voice on inclusive growth for and in the developing world. Our work aims at equipping policymakers from the South with the skills necessary to design, implement and evaluate policies and programmes towards the attainment of high inclusive growth. We believe that the emerging and new actors in the global scene, such as India, Brazil, South Africa and China, have a lot to share in terms of innovative social policies with other countries and that this exchange of ideas and best practices can contribute to the promotion of development at global level. We believe in the learning potential among countries in the South for the design, implementation and evaluation of effective policies towards inclusive growth.

Further information: http://pressroom.ipc-undp.org/get-involved/internship-programme/