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Readings & Research

Students who wish to pursue studies that are not covered by the department's regular course offerings may sign up for EC 297 (Fall) or EC 298 (Spring) (Readings and Research). However, the student needs a sponsoring faculty member to approve the plan of work, to guide the student's studies, evaluate the work and assign the grade. The plan for the semester, the means of evaluation, and a detailed timetable need to be worked out with the faculty member prior to the end of the add/drop period. In this manner, if things do not work out, the student may pick up some other course.

Academic Programs for Learning and Engagement (APLE)

Students have the opportunity to engage deeply with economics through research projects. In each case, students can work on individual projects, or with other students in group projects. The College of Arts & Sciences offers some funding opportunities for such research.

Research Opportunities

Students with high academic achievement can pursue independent research projects with faculty as a capstone to their economics major. Often this is done as part of the College Honors Program, the Honors College or the John Dewey Honors Program.

Recent examples of individually conducted student research projects include:

  • an analysis of how information technology affects investment behavior in the U.S. economy
  • a study of how governance reforms would affect the ability of Mexico's economy to respond to financial crises

There are also opportunities for students to conduct research projects as a group. For example, in a recent Environmental Economics class, students wrote a comprehensive analysis of a proposed wind power project off the coast of Cape Cod. You can look at their report capwind.pdf.

National Awards for Economics Students

Students who are excelling in their studies and who want to be change makers in society may want to apply for these awards. They range from undergraduate merit scholarships to postgraduate research opportunities to graduate school fellows. Visit the Office of Fellowships Advising webite to find the awards that best fit your intellectual track and personal aspirations.

University of Vermont-Vermont Law School 3+2 Program

The UVM-VLS 3+2 Program provides high-achieving students with an opportunity to achieve a Bachelor's degree (BA or BS) and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in a total of five years. The program is available to undergraduate students enrolled in Economics and other selected academic majors at the University of Vermont.

  • Students complete three years of undergraduate study at UVM, then matriculate at Vermont Law School where they complete two years of approved coursework for the JD degree from VLS and are enrolled as full-time students.

  • Admission to the program occurs at the end of a student’s first year at UVM. Interested students should connect with the College Program Coordinator of the major they plan to pursue early in their first year to clarify the academic requirements and timeline.

The current Program Coodinator for Economics is Professor Sara Solnick.

More information is available at the UVM-VLS 3+2 Program page.



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