University of Vermont

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Department of Economics

Majoring in Economics with a Minor in Mathematics

Requirements for a minor in Mathematics

A total of six classes are required including:

  • MA 21 Calculus I
  • MA 22 Calculus II
  • MA 121 Calculus III or
  • MA 52 Fundamentals of Mathematics

Plus 9 additional credits in Mathematics numbered 100 or above.

Because statistics is a fundamental component of empirical analysis in Economics, those choosing to minor in Math may want to include some courses in this area. The Mathematics Department will permit Economics majors to count Stat 151 or Stat 251 towards the minor in Mathematics. Based on that, a suggested three-year plan for Economics majors desiring to minor in Math is shown below.

  1. Without MA 19 students should start at MA 21; with MA 19 and 20, start at MA 22.
  2. If MA 121 and MA 52 are both taken, MA 121 counts towards the nine credits in Mathematics.

Sample three-year plan for the minor

  • Year 1 Fall MA 21 Calculus I
  • Spring MA 22 Calculus II
  • Year 2 Fall MA 121 Calculus III
  • Spring MA 124 Linear Algebra
  • Year 3 Fall STAT 151 Applied Probability


  • STAT 251 Probability Theory
  • Spring MA 230 Ordinary Differential Equations

If a student wants to take these courses in less than three years MA 121 and MA 124 can be taken in the same semester; also STAT 151 can be taken anytime after MA 22.

Additional classes of interest for majors

Math Course Description
  • MA 52 Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • MA 141 Real Analysis in One Variable (requires 52)
  • MA 221 Deterministic Models in Operations Research
  • MA 222 Stochastic Models in Operations Research
  • MA 236 Calculus of Variations
  • MA 237 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • MA 238 Numerical Differential Equations
  • MA 241 Analysis in Several Real Variables I (requires MA 52)
  • MA 242 Analysis in Several Real Variables II (requires MA 52)
  • MA 266 Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems
  • MA 330 Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations

A Testimonial

Hello Prof.

I just wanted to let you know how things are going for me in graduate school. I first want to thank you for suggesting that I get my minor in math, which was the best thing I ever could have done for this program. The program at Tufts (and I'm sure everywhere else) is extremely math intensive...Thank you for preparing me for this grad program, I really do appreciate how you advised and taught me while I was at UVM.

— J.R.


  • Better performance in some economics courses
  • Helps in understanding some aspects of economic theory
  • Preparation for senior thesis
  • Enhanced appeal to graduate programs in Economics and prospective employers
  • Fulfillment of minor requirement
  • Convenience and flexibility since required courses count for both Economics major and Math minor

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