University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Economics

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics

The major is available to Arts & Sciences students only. The major requirements are:

Eleven Economics courses and one in Mathematics, specifically:

  • Economics 11
  • Economics 12
  • Math 19
  • Three courses numbered Economics 20-160 or 194-196, two of which must be numbered 110 or higher
  • The methods and theory courses in Economics, 170, 171, 172
  • Three Economics courses numbered 200 or higher

No more than three credits from Economics 297, 298, HON 218, 219 may be applied toward the major. Students are urged to take Math 19 early in the program. Students may not substitute STAT 141 for EC 170, except by special permission from the department chair. Only one honors, or readings and research course will count towards the major.

Any Economics course can be applied to the Social Science requirement.

EC 153 satisfies the general requirement for Race Relations.

To declare a major in Economics, begin by going to the Registrar's Web Page, Click on Forms. Click on Declare or Change Your Major/Minor/Concentration/College. Click on College of Arts & Sciences.

We provide a more detailed discussion on how to begin economics at UVM.

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