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advising checksheet minor

2016/2017 Advising Check Sheet for Economics Minor - Click here to download a pdf copy of the form.

The Minor requires six courses in Economics: 11 and 12;

EC 11 ___________________

EC 12 ___________________

Four Courses numbered 20-196, three of which must be numbered 110-196.

EC 0 or 1 _________, ______________

EC 1 _________, __________________

EC 1 _________, __________________

EC 1 _________, __________________

Minors are not required to take Math 19, although they will need to if they wish to take EC 170, 171 or 172.

The minor is available to all students,whether they are in Arts and Sciences or in another College or Division. Even if your college does not require a minor, it often permits one. The minor does not require Economics department permission. To declare a minor in Economics, begin by going to the Registrar’s Web Page, Click on Student Forms. Click on College of Arts & Sciences Major/Minor/Concentration Form.

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