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Would you like to Major in Economics with a minor in Mathematics?

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Students in the College of Arts & Sciences may choose to complete a BA or BS major in Economics. They may also minor in Economics. Students in other colleges or schools should consult with their academic advisors before choosing a minor in Economics.

What will you do with a degree in Economics?

Economics majors pursue limitless opportunities after college. Learn more about:

Academic Advising in Economics

Purpose of Academic Advising

The fundamental purpose of academic advising is to assist students in clarifying and meeting their educational and career goals. Academic advising requires that both the student and faculty member work together as a team; the student should come prepared with specific questions and ideas.

Seeking Other Kinds of Advising?

Your academic advisor has expertise in scholarly issues, especially pertaining to Economics. There are many other issues about which you may seek advice and support such as student health, legal matters, writing and learning skills, general career planning, lifestyle/residential issues, academic accommodations and more. UVM offers a variety of free professional advising regarding these and other issues. The College of Arts & Sciences Student Services can help you to identify the resources most likely to meet your needs.

Advising within Economics

Advising help is available to Economics students through two formats:

  • Group advising meetings: Once a semester, just before course registration time, majors, minors and interested students will be invited to a group meeting to go over common questions and guidance on major and minor requirements, course sequencing, distribution requirements, and more.
  • One-on-one advising: Each Economics major is assigned to an individual faculty advisor who can provide assistance on the following topics:
    • course selection
    • fulfilling the requirements of the major
    • general distribution and minor requirements within CAS
    • planning for off-campus studies, internships and other opportunities
    • navigating the Four Year Plan
    • career ideas and opportunities

All advisors hold regular office hours; please check the online list to see when your advisor is available and to find contact information to arrange an appointment.

Economics minors or students considering a minor/major who would like advice are welcome to make an appointment with the Department chair or to reach out informally to professors they know in the department.

Advisor changes: leaves and sabbaticals

If and when your advisor goes on sabbatical or other leave, you will be assigned temporarily to another faculty member until your advisor returns and resumes duties; if you are being reassigned, the department’s administrative assistant will email you to let you know who your acting advisor is.

Advisor changes: student initiated

If for whatever reason you would like to change your advisor, please contact the Department chair.

Additional Resources: Careers, Research, Graduate School, etc.

The Economics department is committed to helping students learn more about their chosen field of study and the opportunities associated with it. As nationally and internationally-known scholars with successful careers, our faculty members have a wealth of expertise to share about academic work in economics, graduate programs in economics and related disciplines, and more. We encourage you to consult your advisor or other faculty members on these issues.

The department also hosts events at which students can learn about possible future paths from successful UVM graduates or visiting scholars (or in some cases, people who are both).

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