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Department of Economics

2016-17 Advising Check Sheet for Economics Majors.

STUDENT: _____________________________

DATE OF VISIT: ________________________

Introductory Sequence & Mathematics

EC 11 _____________________

EC 12 _____________________

MATH 19 __________________


Intermediate Courses

A. Field courses

Three are required. Prerequisites: EC 11,12.
These are courses numbered 20-160, 194-196. Two must be 110 or higher.

EC 0__ or 1__, _______

EC 1 __, ___________

EC 1 __, ___________

B. Methods and Theory Courses.

All three required. Prerequisites: EC 11, 12 and MATH 19. STAT 141 may substitute for EC 170 if a student took STAT 141 prior to declaring her/his major in Economics.

EC 170 (Methods) _______________

EC 171 (Macro) _________________

EC 172 (Micro) _________________


Three required at 200 or above. Prerequisites: EC 170, 171, 172. No more than three credits among 218, 219, 291, 292, 297, 298 count toward the major.

EC 2 __, ____________

EC 2 __, ____________

EC 2 __, ____________

Honors theses

Students wanting to write honors theses for College Honors in their senior year should take the relevant preparatory courses by the end of their junior year. For many, this will mean taking Econometrics EC 200 in the Fall semester of their junior year. But they should also take other relevant courses as well (trade, labor, etc., depending on area of interest). Students who will not do an empirical thesis should take other advanced courses by the end of their junior year as well. They should be advised to have a topic, advisor and plan of action by the end of their junior year and work on the proposal over the following summer.

Department honors

Students wanting to apply for Economics Department Honors do so in the Spring Semester of their senior year. To apply, submit the best research paper written for an Economics course, with a cover essay. Such students should start 200-level coursework early.

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