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Interview: Stephanie Seguino

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Department of Economics

A student majoring in Economics will have the opportunity to explore a broad array of economic issues which bear directly on human welfare, including economic growth and development, unemployment, the relationship between the environment and the economy, international trade, technological change, the role of race and gender in the economy, and poverty and the distribution of income.

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Department of Economics
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Teaching Mission

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The Department's teaching mission is to equip students to understand the modern economy and to critically evaluate the economic arguments they encounter, both in terms of their conceptual soundness and their ability to explain the factual record. Read the mission statement in its entirety.

Develop Expertise

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Develop expertise in the complete mix of tools used in analyzing economic issues:

  • quantitative empirical analysis and modeling
  • historical and institutional analysis
  • conceptual analysis

Apply all of these tools to the evaluation of policy solutions to current economic problems:

  • regulation of monopolies
  • gender and racial discrimination in labor and capital markets
  • environmental protection


Why UVM?

Classroom Session

  • classes taught by faculty members and not graduate students
  • introductory seminars for first-year students, including one in the Integrated Social Sciences Program and several in the Teacher-Advisor Program.
  • intermediate classes average 45 students
  • senior seminars (18 students) includes a research project serving as the capstone of the student's undergraduate economics education and evidence of his or her accomplishments.



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An economics major is well-prepared for a broad range of career and post-graduate options. UVM economics majors have gone on to advanced study in:

  • economics
  • law
  • business
  • public affairs

The majority of majors have entered the job market directly upon graduation and launched careers in such fields as:

  • financial services
  • management
  • marketing and research

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