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Professor Ellen Marsden Highlighted on Michigan NPR Radio

Lake Huron Lake Trout Recovery Underway

UVM Professor of Fisheries Ellen Marsden was recently highlighted on Michigan’s Interlochen Public Radio (an affiliate of NPR), discussing the recent recovery of lake trout in Lake Huron.  In contrast to Lake Champlain, lake trout are spawning successfully in Huron, such that over 40% of the population is naturally produced.  Professor Marsden is working with a multi-agency team to examine the effect of habitat damage on lake trout spawning in Thunder Bay.  The team built 29 spawning reefs in 2010-2011 to enhance reproductive success and find out what attracts lake trout to a spawning site, such as size, height, age, or orientation of a reef.  Using acoustic telemetry tags that map the location of individual fish throughout the day, she is discovering how much time lake trout spend on the new reefs relative to natural sites, and whether they return year after year to the same sites.


To read more, read the Michigan NPR story Go lake trout! Native fish overcome seemingly ‘insurmountable’ challenges in Lake Huron.