WomenÕs Clothing of the 1920s: Although the flapper is most closely associated with 1920s fashions, a number of other clothing styles were equally as popular during the decade.  Skirt lengths fluctuated quite a bit, women donned flashy evening attire, comfortable sportswear, and conservative work suits, and dresses either hung straight or flared at the hip.  But despite the variety, womenÕs 1920s fashions all broke free of the physical and social constraints of the previous century. 


The boyish, or gar¨onne look, was quite popular from 1925-1926 and again from 1928-1929.  Straight, curveless dresses were worn with bust flattening brassieres.  The waist completely disappeared, and belts were worn around the hips.  The chemise type dress was popular from 1925 to 1928 or 1929.  The chemise (French for shirt) hung straight down to the knees.



1920s Gar¨onne Fashions: Images courtesy of Jenna Weissman Joselit, A Perfect Fit: Clothes, Character, and the Promise of America, 2001



1920s Gar¨onne Fashions: Images courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing, History of 20th Century Fashion, 1992



Skirts rose to the knees during the first two years of the 1920s, fell to the ankles again in 1923, rose up to the knees again in 1925, and were again long by the end of the decade.  Seen below are a number of ankle-length skirts that were popular between 1923 and 1925.




1920s Ankle Length Skirts: Images courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing



Tailored suits for the working woman also featured the straight, curveless cut.



1920s Tailored Suits: Image courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing


1920s Tailored Suits: Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye, 20th Century Fashion, 1999



The straight skirt was the dominant shape of the 1920s, but flaring skirts were also in fashion.  Waists, however, were still quite low, and the form was still quite narrow and drooping.



1920s Full Skirt: Images courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye



Separate sweater and skirt ensembles, having plain or pleated skirts, also reflected the popular straight cut of the decade.



1920s Sweaters: Image on left courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye.  Image on right courtesy of Elizabeth Ewing



Casual sporting attire was introduced in the 1920s.  In addition to bathing suits, tennis uniforms, and golfing outfits, simple, comfortable skirts, sailor blouses, and large-brim hats were worn by women.


1920s Sporting Attire: Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye