Band Auditions

We try to accommodate every student who wants to participate in Band, so the audition process is really more of a "placement". However, since the instrumentation of the group needs to be well balanced, occasionally some players (particularly flutes and alto saxes) may not be able to be placed.

Audition Requirements 2020-21

Auditions will take place only during the first week of classes in August, but unlike other years, auditions must be submitted by video.  If you are taking Band for credit, you'll find a Placement Audition assignment in Blackboard.  If you are not taking Band for credit, please use the UVM File Transfer Service to send me the file.  In any case, please save the video in either .mov  (Apple) or .mp4 (Windows and Android) format to make it easier for me to view.

You will play 3 scales, a chromatic scale, and a short etude/solo:

1. The following scales (NOT concert scales, so start on your C, Bb, and D) in at least 2 octaves whenever possible (the more octaves you do, the better your score will be):
        C Major
        E-flat Major
        G Major
        Chromatic scale of your choice (full octaves only)

2. Short etude (found below as PDF files)
        Flute                             Flute mp3
        Clarinet                        Clarinet mp3
        Alto Clarinet
        Bass Clarinet                Low woodwinds mp3
        Alto Sax                       Alto sax mp3
        Tenor Sax                     Low woodwinds mp3
        Bari Sax                       Low woodwinds mp3
        Trumpet                       Trumpet mp3
        Horn                             Horn mp3
        Trombone                    Trombone mp3
        Snare Drum


  1. Sometimes the etude is for multiple instruments, so if there is a note(s) out of your range, please feel free to adjust up or down an octave.
  2. Percussion - you are welcome to play both etudes or just the snare or mallet piece; the important thing is to demonstrate your ability/experience on that instrument so I give you part assignments that work for you.