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Publications Fact-sheet on Earthworms and Forests (2016)

Forested catchment biogeochemistry:

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Wetlands and Constructed Wetlands:

  • Gotelli, N.J., P.J. Mouser, S.P. Hudman, S.E. Morales, D.S. Ross, and A.M. Ellison.  2008. Geographic variation in nutrient availability, stoichiometry, and metal concentrations of plants and pore-water in ombrotrophic bogs in New England, USA. Wetlands 28(3):827-840. DOI: 10.1672/07-165.1.

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  • Ross, D.S., R.J. Bartlett, and H. Zhang.  2001.  Photochemically induced formation of the "Al13" tridecameric polycation in the presence of Fe(III) and organic acids.  Chemosphere 44:827-832.

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