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Hear from and about our students:

Bill Olsen, Principal of Rutland High School

"Her Department thinks she is great. I have seen some very innovative lessons.  She has the kids engaged and thinking. And she is a strong member of our new 10th grade Global Studies team. This group of four has been doing some excellent interdisciplinary work. Her colleagues and her students are really learning from her.

Can you find me the math version of Emily?"

Donald Coburn - 2011

"The UVM CESS most significantly prepared me for a competitive job market through the access it provided to the city of Burlington and its contiguous communities. I remember taking my introductory Exploring Education class
with Professor Prue in 2009, where our culminating project required a report on a community service engagement of our choice. What began as a required volunteer experience at a local afterschool program eventually turned into a unique part-time job assisting a student with special needs, which, in turn, helped to forge bonds with the South Burlington School District, where I eventually landed for my student-teaching internship in 2011.

UVM's Secondary Education Program continued to guide me through this exciting chain reaction of events as I began my teaching internship, the culmination of my degree program and college experience. Under the expert
mentorship of established veteran teacher Ed Darling, I was offered genuine opportunities to discover and build a set of skills essential to beginning a career in the public schools. By establishing a strong working relationship with my mentor, further access to professional development was granted. Most notably, I was thrilled to collaborate with successful teachers and writers as part of the National Writing Project's 2011 month-long summer institute. The training gave me added strength to confidently tackle my first year as a professional educator.

Beyond helping me build a firm philosophical foundation for my practice, the devoted efforts of the DOE most significantly unlocked doors to the Burlington community, leading to my growth as a teacher, a career in my field of choice, and life experiences rich in meaning and significance."

Dawn Crowe - 1999

"I ended up taking a job in the Boston area working at a therapeutic day school for students with psychological, emotional, and behavioral challenges. I have been there 3 years now, and I am totally loving it. It had challenged me, and continues to challenge me on a regular basis, to be a better teacher. I have to really dig deeper into the things I learned when I was at UVM and I'm constantly reminded of how incredible my education at UVM was. 

You ladies were amazing mentors and I have been striving to be a lot like you when it comes to teaching. I hate to admit that over the years, I've kind of fallen away from some of what I learned, but I am constantly trying to get back to my roots at UVM. I recently was asked to develop my Professional Development goals and one of my goals was to get back to designing lessons based on UbD. It's always been something I knew was so effective and in order to help teach my students, I have to get back to using so many of the skills I was taught. This weekend, there have been so many incredible speakers, including Jay Tighe and Chris Jernstedt, and I've been reminded of what it takes to be a good teacher, not just on the cognitive level, but on the social and emotional levels as well."

Stephanie Lacher - 2003

"After graduating, I taught for one year in Virginia. I then spent the next four years teaching in Milton, VT. I then moved into the scene of teaching at international schools. I spent the last four years teaching at Casablanca American School in Morocco. It was quite the adventure! I was introduced to the International Baccalaureate Programme. I taught in the Diploma Programme (for grades 11 and 12) both Higher Level Mathematics and Math Studies Standard Level.

However, I have now landed my dream job. I am the head of the math department at Branksome Hall Asia, which is on Jeju Island, South Korea. There is an incredibly neat video for the school.

Here at Branksome, we will also be following the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. The school is opening from Junior Kindergarten to grade 10 this year, which is consistent with the Primary and Middle Years Programmes. Over the next two years, grades 11 and 12 (the Diploma Programme) will be added. The IB is a really interesting philosophy/curriculum which I've really enjoyed teaching. The school is part of the Global Education City on Jeju Island. We are opening our doors for the first time this year. It is such an amazing experience to be part of a foundational staff. It is so cool to be able to help design the policies, the culture and climate, the curriculum, just about everything! The entire staff here is incredibly positive and energetic! We were even told there were over 4,000 applicants for the roughly 40-50 positions. This would be my way of saying thank you. There are so many things I learned from you, and all of these experiences have helped to get where I am today."

Ben Rosen - 2006

"I hope this doesn't make you feel too old, but I just started my 10th year teaching out in the Bay Area and finally think I know what I'm doing and may just be pretty good at it! I'm working at a small school in San Francisco serving mainly underprivileged students of color, teaching 12th grade Government and trying my best to radicalize these kids to take on this ugly system. Also my second year as a Lead Teacher - which I actually am not so into. I think about you guys and the UVM program every so often, and while, as I'm sure you would agree, so much learning of a teacher just has to happen through errors (lots of them!), I feel lucky to have had a solid framework with which to enter the trenches."

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