University of Vermont

CHEM 201: Advanced Chemistry Laboratory

Chem 201 Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation: What is required for Chem 201

Instructions for preparing your oral presentation are available for downloading as:

a PowerPoint pptx file

Some ground rules for your oral presentation:

  • There are 6 lab experiments that can be presented
  • See the class schedule for the dates of the oral presentations
  • You cannot present the first lab you perform – this lab must be a written lab
  • Sign up is first-come, first-served, with the caveats:
    • All 6 labs will be presented (unless there is <6 students in the class)
      • If there are more than 6 students, then one or more labs may have 2 students signed up (but no more than two)
    • Send Prof Matthews and e-mail with the lab you want to present. If the lab is available and there are no other problems (see above), the lab is yours to present.

Grading Rubric for Oral Presentations:

Abstract 3
Introduction 5
    Description of instrumentation & procedures used 3
    Definition of terms & equations used to perform calculations 2
   Clear presentation of key results 5
   Tables & Figures 5
Discussion 10
Literature cited 2
Appendix material 5
Overall composition and speaking style 5
Quality of graphics 5
Total:  50
Bonus: Analyses that go beyond the required scope of the report 5

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