Andrew Wells, part II

I think another one of the great experiences living at UVM and working at UVM is the connection to the GLBT community, the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Trans-gender Questioning and Ally community.

We have a very active, very visible population on campus. I feel like our group is very well supported. From the administration we're supported, from the division of student campus life we're supported, from residence life, from LBGTQA services, the women's center, the ALANA student center. The GLBT community on campus has been very well supported very consistently. And so that's definitely one area where when I was de deciding where to go to grad school one of my reasons for choosing UVM was that I knew that coming to Vermont, UVM in particular, would be a safe experience for me. And Vermont in general, it's sort of a mixed bag. If you stay in the Burlington, Chittenden county area, I think you'll find that you see a lot of GLBT couples out in public, holding hands, and present in the community, and active in the community. This is where the centers for GLBT youth in the state are located. So you have RU12 And SafeSpace and what not.

But I think that if you go outside of the Burlington area you might get a different experience, so that's definitely something that we're aware of. I've definitely felt very safe and very supported here at UVM as a member of the GLBT community.