Andrew Wells, part I

I guess UVM fits into my own story surrounding diversity because I came here to participate in a graduate program that really values social justice and diversity. My graduate program is very closely linked to the Division of Student and Campus Life. The division's mission around social justice is very much played out and played up in our graduate program.

What I knew, coming into UVM, was that my own passions and values around diversity and social justice and multiculturalism would be valued and explored and exercised and strengthened and it would be a place for me to learn and grow in my two years here.

I came to UVM because I knew that through those opportunities and through my work at Residential Life I'd really experience a lot of new thoughts, new ideas, new values and new people. I've really felt a lot of support from the division, especially in Student and Campus Life, but from UVM in general, from the president on down, I've really felt a lot of support for the work we do around engaging ourselves and educating ourselves and educating others around diversity and around social justice, and challenging people on areas where maybe they're exerting some privilege or maybe they're experiencing from privilege that they may not know about, and that's an educational moment or an educational conversation to have.