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Kofi A. Mensah

The first time I came to UVM was May of 2006, when I did “Discovering UVM” type programs, just sort of an acclimation type of program. So I just met a couple of different folks from admissions, and it was just great, and just seeing the different environment up here— the different types of settings that you don’t necessarily see in the city setting.

Then I came back again, in the Fall of 2006, before I applied to UVM, and I just met a great group of folks, so I just decided to come, and the first thing that really got me more acclimated and accustomed to campus was when I did SESP— it’s the Summer Enrichment Scholars Program through the ALANA Student Center, so it’s a really great program.  I was here for six weeks in the summer, I also did biking TREK, it was a really great experience to do that, and then I just started-off with classes, just meeting different people, and getting involved. 

Coming on campus, I’ve been involved in the Inter Residents Association, on the executive board of that our first year, and that’s just the governing body for students here at UVM.  And then I also participated in the Student Government Association, I just got involved in different types of other activities, and one of them was through the ALANA Student Center, which Is a peer-mentoring program, it’s pretty much just they brought the big-sister type of role for first-year students of color— they just get paired up with not only undergraduate students, but also, HESA graduate students and those in other graduate programs. So that’s one of the cool programs that takes place through the Student Center.  My second year I also acted as a mentor through that program. 

So, in terms of my diversity story here, it just encompasses a whole lot, because of the fact that there’s just so many different things you can do at UVM, diversity just is not necessarily focused on racial diversity, but it’s also on what types of interests that you have, because there’s so many different types of majors and so many types of things that people are studying here. 

We also make it a point to make sure that folks are aware of support services here, again—ALANA Student center for students of color, and then there’s the Women’s Center, and there’s the LGBTQA Center—so, there’s just a lot of programs that you can get involved in, here at UVM.

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