Partnership with Rancing Revolution

Rancing Revolution

Rancing Revolution is a non-profit organization dedicated to the facilitation of Bullying Prevention Programming in both youth and adult contexts. Their solutionfocused mission is to eliminate Bullying through inspiring active cultures of Kindness. This is achieved through community outreach and education, as well as through event-based community activism.

The act of Rancing (a combination of running and dancing!) functions within the Rancing Revolution educational curriculum as a physical metaphor - a way to get in touch with our own vulnerabilities, feel exposed to the judgments of those around us and evaluate our own reactions to things that are outside of the social norm. Rancing Revolution also utilizes this activity as a form ‘happy activism’ at events and encourages Rancing as a joyful and liberating activity at all ages and in all contexts!

Rancing Revolution works with the Dewey House for Community Engagement to train college student mentors to support cultures of kindness in schools and youth organizations.