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Bookmarks to Great Statistical Sites

These are some of the bookmarks that I think are particularly useful. If you have any that you think that I might add, please let me know. Bookmarks seem to become unavailable on an unpredictable schedule, so there may be some here that don't work. 


General Statistical Stuff

Karl Wuensch's StatHelp page
This is a great page and I highly recommend it.

A few (zillion) links related to Statistics Education
Wow!! This is just what it says it is. A lot of the links are old, and some are now dead, but it is still a great site.

Annotated Bibliography of Articles for the Statistics User 
This is a bibliography of published papers. 

SurfStat.Australia .
This is an excellent site--one of my favorites. There is lots of instructional material here, as well as a few links to other sites.
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources 
Another good collection by Michael Friendly

Clay Helberg's Statistics on the Web
Another site that has been around for a long time.

Gerard Dallal's The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice
This site contains all sorts of good stuff, though some of the discussions are a bit briefer than I would prefer.

Data Sets

A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis
This is a great set of data files. It is also a very good book.

Data Sets-Oxford
Mostly survey data, but a lot of it.

The Data and Story Library
A great source of data, complete with a description of each study. One of my favorites.

Judd and McClelland Data Sets
Data that go with Judd and McClelland's text

Course Pages

David Lane's Hyperstat pages
Excellent source for review material and all sorts of things.

Psycholo gy 3030: Intermediate Statistics 
(Michael Friendly's course--a great site for instructors!!)

Robert Hale's Course at PSU

Karl Wuensch's course notes
A good set of class notes from Karl Wuensch
Class notes for Ed Psych 507

Dave Howell's Courses
That's me!
Class lecture notes for Psych 340 and Psych 341--I stopped teaching in 2002, but there is still a lot of good stuff there, including explanations, examples, printout, exams, labs, etc.


Statistics Glossary - Main Contents
A very useful glossary compliled by Easton and McColl.

A very heavy duty site. If you can't find it there, it's probably your fault.

This one is from the UK and has been around a long time.

Good and Bad Graphics
Good stuff for class discussion

Calculators and Java Stuff

SmileyA Neat Java Statistical Software Program
This is a great Java program that will run most statistical analyses that you want, though not super fast. Highly recommended!

Statistical Calculators 
These do all sorts of stuff. They are by Richard Lowry at Vassar. Don't miss the navigation bar on the left, which will take you to a wide variety of calculators. It also includes a link to an online interactive text that may be useful.

STATISTICS PAGE-Berrie (movies) 
These are some neat video clips for looking at basic concepts. Mostly Java Applets

Duke University page
There are some good things here, but you need to pick and choose.

StatLib--- Applied Statistics algorithms
For those who want to write their own programs

StatLib Index
StatLib, a system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP and WWW"--Good stuff!

Major Software

Just what it looks like.

Minitab Homepage
What the name implies

Resampling Stats (The definitive site for a different approach to statistical hypothesis testing--including an electronic text.)


This is an interesting link about outliers and their influence.


Last updated  12/28/2006