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Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
7th edition

David C. Howell


Seeing Statistics

This page contains applets from McClelland's Seeing Statistics, which have been integrated with material in Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, (5th edition) by David C. Howell. You merely need to click on the appropriate link to open the applet, and then follow the directions on the page.

These applets will run best if you have Sun's Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. You can very easily download that software for free by going to clicking on the following image. Just follow their instructions. (Be patient at first--it can take a while for the first image to load.)

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Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9: Correlation

Chapter 10:  Regression Chapter 12:  Hypothesis Tests Applies to Mean; One Sample Chapter 14:  Hypothesis Tests Applies to Mean; Two Samples Chapter 15:  Power Chapter 16:  One-way Analysis of Variance

Chapter 17: Factorial Analysis of Variance

Chapter 19:  Chi-square
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