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Fundamental Statistics for the
Behavioral Sciences  

7th edition 

David C. Howell


Errata for the 7th edition

This is an ongoing listing of errors in the 7th edition. If you find any more, please let me know.

Because of the way I expect to distribute this list, I cannot be sure that subscripts and Greek symbols will come across. Subscripts are usually shown in parentheses [as in s(1)], superscripts as s^2, and Greek letters are spelled out.

The Text

Page Line Correction
40 Table 3.2 Robert Corwyn of Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rcok pointed out that the 3rd line under Reaction Time shouold read .70-.79, not .60-.79.
42 Before Last Paragraph I messed up and omitted two paragraphs from the manuscript. Go to AdditionPage42.html to see the omitted text.
56 Exercise 3.3 See the errata for page 42.
57 Exercise 3.18 Robert Corwyn pointed out that this exercise refers to a table that is no longer in the text. Actually he is wrong on that, but I need to point out that Figure 13.12 is printed on the next page. At first I made the same error he did.
57 Exercise 3.20 I would suggest doing this by plotting the percentage increase from 1982 to 2005 for each ethnic group.
99 Third row of data Robert Corwin pointed out that I only have 19 entries in that row and need 20. I have left out a "21."
103 4 of text YTusun Jung at the University of Kansas pointed out that the range for 2/3 of the observations should be 1.12 and 1.80.
144 and 145 Table 7.3 Angela Murray at KU, and later Nic Wilkins at KU, pointed out that the table should read:
Defendant's Race	 Yes	 No	 Total	
Black	 95	 425	 520	
Row % 	 18.3%	 81.7%	 100.0%	
Col. % 	 83.3%	 76.9%	 78.0%	
Cell% 	 14.2%	 63.7%	 	
Nonblack	 19	 128	 147	
Row % 	 12.9%	 87.1%	 100.0%	
Col. % 	 16.7%	 23.1%	 22.0%	
Cell% 	 2.8%	 19.2%	 	
Total	 114	 553	 667	
Row % 	 17.1%	 82.9%	 
and the end of paragraph 2 on 145 should read 95/667 = .142.
164 29 Gordon Harman also pointed out that I gave a probability as 09 reather than .09.
190 Figure 9.1 Justin Fuller at Ohio University offered some interesting suggestions to explain the positive relationship between infant mortality and the number of physicians. It is very possible that this is a reporting problem--the more physicians, the better the reporting. It is also possible that physicians increase the rate of live births that then die soon after birth and are counted in the mortality rate.
213 10 David Fried at Ohio University pointed out that the second of those two equations should say "against H1: ρ ≠ 0."
214 2nd paragraph Nadine Robinson at Algoma University pointed out that I point ahead to Figure 9.11 on page 218. Unfortunately I changed that figure in this edition, so it is the wrong reference. Just change the sentence to "SPSS gives the correlation between life expectancy and expenditures as .138."
311 line 1 and Fig 12.4 Both Sue Becker and Jeff Bruce at McMaster University and Michael Masson at the University of Victoria pointed out that in both places where I wrote "138.89" I should have written "50." I have no idea how I made that error, but I'm glad that it has been found.
321 Equation in box Richard Anderson at Bowling Green pointed out that the correct equation would be written as     "t .05 times s xbar ". In other words, I am multiplying that, it is not a subscript.
333 Table 11.5 Robert Corwyn pointed out that in Table 11.5 lines 8-10 under Predict should begin with a "1." In other words 1032.557 instead of 032.557.
341 10 The equation should be (25 + 37)/2 = 31
346 3rd from bottom The reference should be to Figure 13.3.
360 Near bottom Both of those equations refer to the null hypothesis (H0). But the second really is the alternative hypothesis (H1). I get credit for finding this error all by myself.
380 Exercise 14.22 The reference to Section 14.8 should be to Section 14.10.
399 First equation In the equation for d, the second denominator should be sigma(D) instead of mu(D). Thanks to Daisy Munoz at Santa Clara University for pointing this out.
415 Bottom line in table 9*6.333 = 57.00, not 9. Thanks to David Fried at Ohio University.
637 Ex. 18.5 Keith Burt, at the University of Vermont, pointed out that the SSweeks and MSweeks should be 544.50, and that SStotal should be 1458.50.


Data Sets

There will be a self-extracting archive of all of the data found in Simply click on this link and tell the resulting dialog box where you want to store the download--the desktop is fine. After the file is downloaded, click on the downloaded file and indicate where you want the data files to be stored. Once the data are extracted, you can safely delete the archive file itself.


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