Fundamentals 7 cover

Fundamental Statistics for the
Behavioral Sciences
7th edition

David C. Howell

Data Sets

The following links will bring up the data for an example, an exercise, or some other data set. The variable names are given in the first row. Most software will accept variable names, though you often have to specify that they are there.  All data are in standard ASCII files and can be imported by most statistical software packages. The variables are tab or space delineated. 

General Data Sets 

These are data sets that are referred to throughout the text and are not tied to a particular chapter.

Data Sets for Specific Chapters 

Chapter One

There are no data files in this chapter.

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Two

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Three

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Four

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Five

Chapter Fifteen

  • There are no data files for this chapter

Chapter Six

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eight

  • There are no data files for this chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nineteen  

Chapter Ten

Chapter Twenty

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