A Positively Skewed Distribution

David C. Howell

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An example that we will look at several times in the future comes from a study by Mireault (1990) investigating the effects of the death of a parent on the emotional well-being of college students. Among other things, she asked three different groups of college students to rate the perceived vulnerability to loss--i.e., how vulnerable did they feel about the loss of someone important to them. The three groups were (1) a group who had had a parent die before they started college, (2) a group whose parents had divorced, and (3) a group whose parents were both alive and still married to each other. Download these data from Mireault.dat . There are many variables here. They are, in order, ID, Group, Gender, YearColl, College, GPA, LostPGen, AgeAtLos, SomT, ObsessT, SensitT, DepressT, AnxT, HostT, PhobT, ParT, PsycT, GSIT, PVTotal, PVLoss, SuppTotl. We are interested in Group and PVLoss. The other variables will come up in other exercises.


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