Data Files and Other Sources

David C. Howell

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Data files are available from here. Just click on the files you want. Doing this will allow you to view the data files. You can then copy those files to your computer. Using Firefox or Internet Explorer you would choose Files/Save As from the menu. On some occasions, you may find that the data do not come across properly. Often this results from the fact that PCs, Macs, and Unix all end their lines differently. (One uses a carriage return,  one uses a linefeed, and one uses carriage return/linefeed. The easiest way around this, but only if you have a problem, is to load the file into any word processor you like, and then save it as an ASCII file. This seems to put the appropriate line endings on.


Other Data Sources

There are a lot of data sets available via the Internet, and the following section contains pointers to some of those sources. The sources vary in quality, with some giving good descriptions of the study and the resulting data, and others giving very little. It is very much worth browsing, however.

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