Sister City ARTs EXHANGE 

The Burlington/ Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program promotes the arts as one of the best ways of introducing residents of both Burlington and Puerto Cabezas to the cultural richness of our sister cities.  Over the years we have exhibited, through video and photography, the work of musicians, dancers, poets, painters, and storytellers. Our most recent projects have supported collaboration connecting Vermont artists with their counterparts on Nicaragua’s North Atlantic Coast.

When unable to physically bring artists together, we utilize video interaction and other networking possibilities. One example is the split screen music collaboration betwen costeño Musician Remigio Hodgson, in Bilwi,  singing his song “Autonomy”, with Vermont musician Gordon Stone adding a banjo accompaniment from Burlington.  

 Video sequences shot at significant locations  (the waterfront in Burlington or the muelle in Bilwi, etc.) will provide background images for future collaborations. Videos will  be combined digitally for presentation in a multi-screen format.   Any creative collaboration is welcome!

To participate in the project contact Dan Higgins:

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