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   "Before the current massive redevelopment of Winooski's downtown there were numerous earlier attempts at transforming the town's character following the closing of the textile mills in the 1950s. Vacancy, Art & Transformation documents the impact of those policies on the people living there.
      InVacancy, Art & Transformation Dan introduces the reader the reader to a 1970s downtown where people socialized in the many restaurants and bars, where shuffleboard tables were ubiquitous, and where people filled the bingo parlor nightly. He recalls the Urban Renewal project that in the 1970s demolished the east half of the neighborhood and the 1980s Historic Preservation project that renovated the west half and the mills.
     And finally Vacancy, Art & Transformation celebrates in photographs the influx of residents from other countries who have added to Winooski’s cultural richness. The book offers a 35-year photographic record of social change in this unique Vermont community."


  Most of these images on this page come from projects exploring the social identities of particular communites. They were exhibited in those communities as they were made.  To learn more about the project click on an image.


      The task of an alternative photography is to incorporate photography into social and political memory, instead of using it as a substitute which  encourages the atrophy of any such memory…. For    the photographer this means thinking of her or himself not so much as a reporter to the rest of the world but, rather, as a recorder for those involved in the events photographed."
  John Berger in
About Looking

  "the Incredible Onion Portraits"
Winooski, Vermont


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